Family companies join togeather

Family companies join togeather2015-10-16 09:50:18

As a new investment, the Lakics Gépgyártó Kft., owned by the Lakics family, became partyl the owner of the Rutin Kft., which is one of the biggest steel-producing companies in Hungary.

As a result of the integration, one of the biggest metal working group in Hungary has been developed, with an annual turnover of HUF 10 billion, and provides the livelihood for more than 700 hundred families within the in South Danubian region.

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Invoice payment information for suppliers.

Invoice payment information for suppliers.2015-10-16 09:48:55

Dear Parnters! Payments will be done 30 days after the arrival of the invoices!

Joint development of wind turbines between the University of Pécs and Lakics Kft.

Joint development of wind turbines between the University of Pécs and Lakics Kft.2015-10-16 09:47:52

On Monday, Mr. József Bódis, the Rector of the University of Pécs, and Mr. Péter Lakics, the Managing Director of Lakics Kft., signed a cooperation agreement for research and development, technology transfer and utilization of research results. With this collaboraton, the university and Lakics Kft. can effectively support each other in the development of50 kW, small-scale wind turbine. 

Interview with Mr. Péter Lakics

Interview with Mr. Péter Lakics2015-10-16 09:47:32

As we previously announced, Mr. Péter Lakics was elected to the semi-finals of the Role Model Foundation, where the readers can choose the winner for the Role Model Award among the young enterpeneurs.